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Hobart FM is one of four Hobart radio stations granted a Community license by the Australian Communications and Media Authority.
Community licenses are granted to not for profit, incorporated bodies, to operate a broadcasting service that is run by the community for the benefit of the community.
Hobart FM Inc. is the association that holds the licence and operates Hobart FM. The Association has a membership of more than 400 and Hobart FM has an active volunteer group of around 100.
Our facilities in the City of Clarence house two studios and technical equipment to broadcast on FM, DAB+ and live stream our programs.
We present live and local content for at least 18 hours a day.

Program Philosophy

The station aims to cater for the information and entertainment needs of those not catered for by mainstream radio in Hobart.
Monday to Friday 6am to 6pm Hobart FM plays a general music format, selected and presented by volunteers with music drawn from their diverse collections.
After 6pm and during the weekends there is a range of more specialised programming, catering to specific music tastes and giving time to groups from different cultural backgrounds.

Broadcast Area

There are many ways of accessing Hobart FM's programs.
Hobart FM transmits its signal on 96.1 MHz from a transmitter site on Mount Faulkner, giving coverage to the greater Hobart area.  A second transmitter, on the Eastern Shore at Droughty Point, broadcasting on 92.1 MHz, enhances coverage in the southern suburbs and the Kingston area.
Hobart FM appears on the Hobart commercial radio DAB+ multiplex as Hobart FM.
Hobart FM streams its programs through its website's Listen Live button. This live stream is also available on services such as Google Home, Tune In, Radio Garden, Streema and many others.

Management Structure

Hobart FM is a Community Radio station operated by Hobart FM Incorporated, a not for profit, community-based association. The station is administered by a Committee of Management, elected by the Association's members at the annual general meeting.

The Committee is entrusted with the overall management of the station however Hobart FM could not operate without the services of some 100 or so volunteers who undertake a large range of tasks from broadcasting and production to clerical and fundraising activities. The reliance on volunteer involvement not only enables Hobart FM to operate on a tight budget, but facilitates direct community participation in the running of the organisation.

Financial Sources

Hobart FM receives income from :

  1. Federal Government grants, administered by the Community Broadcasting Foundation;
  2. Membership subscriptions ($35 per year or $25 concession) and donations;
  3. Sponsorship of programs;   
  4. Fundraising activities.
Hobart FM acknowledges financial support from the Community Broadcasting Foundation (CBF)
17 Alma Street
Bellerive, TAS 7018
Phone: 03 6244 1900Email: office@hobartfm.org.au
On FM at 96.1 and 92.1
On DAB+ digital radio
Through our website at hobartfm.org.au
On your smart speaker
Through many streaming services
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